Meaningful Reasons to Buy Original Artwork

When you buy original artwork, you can usually expect to have a great story to tell at the end of it. Here are some of the best reasons for buying original artwork – and why when done right – it’s one of the best options you can choose.

In a modern world of online shopping, home décor and interior design inspiration are available at the touch of a button. We’re able to decorate our homes with the latest trends, colours and prints. Though it may be convenient at times, mass-produced art you find in the shops makes it incredibly competitive for your favourite fine artists to sell their work.

Original art is widely available, with some more affordable than others. Therefore, I wanted to run through some of the best reasons for buying original artwork – and why when done right – it’s one of the best options you can choose.

The art of giving


Bespoke commissions can be a precious way to preserve and display memories of a special person, day or event.

Whether they have everything or nothing, buying someone an original piece of artwork or bespoke commission makes a fantastic gift. It shows thought, effort and your flair for gift giving. Perfect for friends and families who are attending a wedding, or a couple moving into their new home.

Establish personality in your home

Whether you’re a new home-owner embarking on a redecorating project, or just looking to freshen up a tired space, one of the best ways to establish the personality and mood of a room is with art.

It may be easy to pick up a few pieces from your local home store, but these are mass-produced and aren’t as valuable as original pieces.

Original art is capable of transforming a space. It possesses individuality. It might have chunky paint strokes or bold colours, and there is an intrinsically handmade feel to the work. Original art is always thoughtfully and carefully made with love. You’ll also find artists who boast the use of ethical and sustainable methods and materials too. In contrast, a mass-produced work from your local shop will often look pixelated up close, and overtime may not hold onto its colour.

Express yourself


Art is a visual expression of what you find meaningful, and otherwise hard to articulate with words. Colours, technique and style are used to achieve the mood and sentiment of the piece. In that respect, buying bespoke art provides you with an opportunity to tell your story.

Curating a personal art collection is another means of creative expression and showcasing different aspects of your personality. It can inspire connection, creativity, thoughts and discussion with friends and family.


Thinking more mindfully about the longevity and quality of artwork before you buy it – and choosing pieces which speak your own values rather than trends – is key to sustaining a long-lasting collection which represents you.

A big part of sustainable living is making sure that the products you purchase – whether food, clothes or homewares – are ethically and sustainably sourced. Take time to learn about the artist, their work and how they create.

At GMG Creative, all artwork is ethical, vegan and charitable in nature.

Emotional Wellbeing:

Sometimes the best thing you can do with a piece of art is sit down in front of it. It might not be a Picasso, but simply admiring artwork can have the same mental benefit as other forms of brain training like crosswords or spatial puzzles.

Art allows you to think conceptually, abstractly and emotionally, which is known to reduce stress, aid sleep and support your mental health.

Nurture your inner artist:


Creating an environment that is stimulating, inspiring and dynamic can be beneficial for both families and businesses alike. Children thrive in spaces that encourage a sense of exploration and visual expression.

Within the work environment, waiting areas and workspaces also benefit from an atmosphere of vibrancy, encouraging creative, new ways of thinking.

Value Appreciation:

The great thing about buying original artwork is that it will often appreciate in value. That’s due to its uniqueness and the successful development of the artist who created it. Artwork typically does not lose its value for having been pre-owned. Therefore, there’s a good chance your original piece may be worth more after years hanging in your house than it was when you first bought it.

Supporting Artists:

When buying original art from an emerging artist, you’re not only purchasing something with an inherent possibility for value-appreciation, but you’re also financially supporting the individual artist you believe in. It’s a lovely way to help small business and encourage the ongoing success of the artist’s career.

Buying their art and sharing it with others on social media will also make it visible to a broader range of people and will help increase their network of customers going forward.

Next time you’re in a friend’s home or business space take the time to look at the art. Is it original? What does it add to the space? How do you feel when you look at it?

A gorgeous original piece doesn’t have to be expensive to add character and warmth to a space.

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